• Gary Cantor’s research skills

  • Posted on December 28, 2017
  • At just 13 years old, Gary Cantor admired a medical researcher Dr. Aubrey DeGrey -- whom he discovered on YouTube -- and wanted to follow in his big footsteps. And then Cantor did.

    Gary Cantor

    Gary Cantor was still a teenager when he began to work within labs, learning the basics of research and testing. In his undergraduate years, he was immensely involved as he worked toward a Bachelor of Science in biology at the University of Florida. This includes an intensive internship in San Francisco, California where he first-hand studied triple negative breast cancer treatments for four months.

    Today, as a fourth year PhD candidate at the University of North Carolina outside Durham, N.C., Cantor studies with many skills already acquired. As he nears completion of his education, he brings expertise in RNA isolation, gene expression, cell cultures, electrophoresis, cancer biology, DNA, transfection, western blot analysis and more to future employers and research topics that he may tackle.

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